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  • Last lap Brexit – Moment of reckoning fast looming up!?

    Just been watching the BBC earlier renowned for its objectivity, but now IMHO more for boring weather reports (who says climate change is a non-fact) recycling of news, and not unbiased reporting. All of which helps to make a stronger case for reducing its licence fees and income. Hits: 18

  • Windows update via Microft, why…oh…..why…….oh……. why……..? +

    Most of us using Windows update have probably been confronted with a situation where there can be anything from 10 to 100 files to download and update. And I guess most of us have been in a situation where the number of successful updates of these files is a lot less than the number of […]

  • PayPal – What can go wrong? Quite a lot!

    The keyword here is “autosubscribe” or at least its presence or absence. And your awarenes of this. You may think you are having JUST one transaction charged to your account. But this this may not be true at all. Your transaction may be treated as a subscription, which automatically gets renewed  and possibly upgraded without notification. […]

  • Vince Cable favourite to become new Lib-Dem leader! He thinks…….

    ……the Tories and Labour are so split over Brexit that it may never happen. This could be the beginning of the end, and the exit from the Brexit catastrophe. Also The Lib-Dems are the only party who believe all UK citizens should have the right to vote on the final “Divorce” settlement. Full article from […]