Welcome to GOBAUG.ORG, here we invite you to become a truly independent GOBAUG warrior. GOBAUG originates from Clint Eastwood's fabulous film, the GOod, the BAd and the UGly and by transforming these 3 key words, we have our domain name. And we thereby signal our intention to help make the world a little bit better. As simple as that!

REALLY? HOW?? No secrets, just through pure bloody magic, a fatal dose of intelligence and an extraordinary amount of old-fashioned dedicated determination.

But essentially, if there is a secret, it is by providing a platform for sharing and highlighting views on troublesome LOCAL, NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL issues that is and/or will be far superior to the billion dollar alternatives. Most of us including myself are all familiar with.

Click to start playing! Feel free to circulate. Singer, Tobias Wallin. Lyrics, Brian Turner

Some of our local issues based on my location, just outside Stockhom, in Sweden, Stuvsta, Huddinge are:

1) HuddingeHallen
2) Safety watch Stuvsta
3) Gulliga sustainable agriculture.

Toxic free
vegetables for and healthy value for money eating!!

3 local issues we are highlighting.

1. HuddingeHallen illegal actions of the municipality of Huddinge
2. Guliga Permaculture where you can buy TOXIC-FREE vegetables by becoming a member for just around 100 Kr a year!
3. Safety watch in Stuvsta to combat burglaries and break-ins.


1. Highlight important issues

2. Search for optimal solutions

3. Vote and draw up implementation plans

This approach should give us an outcome that would bring a great relaxing smile to Greta’s face. 
So let’s get cracking, no time to waste!

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