Dator Reparation Gullmarsplan 4 – Total Excellence 10/10

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Similar to many people have had more than my fair share of computer problems. Seems to be something devilish in computers in that they are intelligent enough to make sure they go wrong at the very worst possible time.  That intelligence in combination with some of Microsoft’s worst practices is probably why so many, including myself,  are negatively inclined to Microsoft.

Fortunately, sometimes, very occasionally pure excellence can compensate and lead to solutions for many difficulties. I had an incredible stroke of luck in discovering a company that specializes in repairs on highly affordable conditions. I hadn’t taken care of my computer over the last 10 years, so it was filthy, dusty and totally unreliable.

But as luck would have it, by chance found a company with repair facilities throughout Sweden, called Datorepresentation with incredible, knowledgable staff and a cost repair model where they would clean and repair the monster computer for around SEK 900. Nothing to lose I thought. It was understood any hardware that had to be replaced, would be done  by my purchasing the hardware at the most financially advantageous source. Quite unusual I believe.

They took photos for reference and I am attaching two here,  so people can get a pretty good idea of its state.

The computer didn’t stand a chance in hell.

First it was intoxicated with massive doses of alcohol.

And then manually cleaned and polished. And I had to buy a new C drive
So now works perfectly, although finding it difficult to reject Microsoft’s unwelcome seduction in terms of not respecting the settings in its Windows Update.

I believe rightly or  wrongly this is more than intentional.  Microsoft wants us all to update to Windows 11.
I don’t want to.

Tired of Microsoft’s amorous advances, users might seriously consider forming an alliance against Microsoft’s unacceptable policies. From my perspective, their policies are akin to RAPE in the real human world.  And we all know what penalties are inflicted on the perpetrators of rape in the human male-female world.

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  1. Looks very much better, great stuff Peter cleaning up Nick’s mess: Brian

    Now the major problem I am aware of is how to get categories positioned after subject title and before NY following text!. Anyone any solutions? No need to be shy, my friends and allies.

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