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Get started in our forum and join in on lots of topical debates on virtually any subject without breaking the law and conventional standards of decency.

At the same time you will be able to earn points, which I believe will have more than symbolic value! Further info about what you can get with your points will be posted in near future, We are planning to add points that can be exchanged possibly for food, travel, money etc. No details as yet, but we would like to encourage all those who have something they want to share with others to do so. The only requirement is no spamming, no abuse, no racism. We want a clean legitimate site that is a pleasure to visit. Hopefully, we will get a flexible set of terms and conditions in place in the near future. Until then my board and I as the developers of this website reserve the right to terminate membership and access to this website if we so decide. We want this to be a friendly and informative place where people can exchange views in a civilised way.


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