Greta Thunberg on Climate change shows us the right way to go

Greta Thunberg on Climate change shows  us the right way	to go

Today I was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s speech at Davos always with the same persuasive arguments derived from her deeply held convictions. So simple and clear …..describing complex situations, confusing processes and commitments. A real star and so mature in showing us older mortals the path we should be taking, if it is not already too late, and if we wish to bequeath a better and more sustainable world for future generations and unborn children to live in a sustainable world, now and in the future.
A real heroine, a credit to her country and all of us who refuse to indulge in petty bickering, about her potential exploitation by possibly her parents and others. Not to mention the actions and thoughts of the current President of the US, now facing an impeachment trial in the Senate for abuse of power, and obstruction of justice, and doing everything possible to prevent a trial with witnesses and UK leaving EUevidence. And the leader of the US Treasury, no less, who has stated Greta should go and study economics.

Who would you rather see handling Climate Change, the US Administration and/or the  US Federal Reserve??

Clicking LIKE and circulating this could have a dramatic impact and send a clear message, it is time for the US Administration to wise up, and go back to school!!!

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