•  Get involved in the Huddingehallen sports, swimming and sauna forum. Have your say on how this center should be run.

Become a member of HuddingeHallen! Sports, swimming, gym and sauna facilities. .We try to ensure that the Kommun does what it should do and runs the centre for the benefit of ALL its visistors, as we think it should be run.
Get involved in the Huddingehallen sports, swimming and sauna forum. Have your say on how this center should be run. We need to monitor this very carefully to ensure that Huddinge Kommun stop some of their more bizarre and possibly illegal solutions. From past experience we know this focus has produced some good results. But it  has usually been a tough struggle. 

Living in Stuvsta, especially Stambanevägen, consider joining our Stuvsta Neighbourhood Watch where we try to help each other by coordinating our efforts and keeping crime rates down by our effortsIf you live in Stuvsta and especially consider joining our neighbourhood watch, where we can help each other to keep crime rates down.

This is the Stuvsta Neighbourhood Watch forum helping the residents of Stambanevägen to keep the local crime rate down.
You can contact us here…Here
Have a general question or suggestion on making GOBAUG better for you and others, drop us a quick email


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