Last lap Brexit – Moment of reckoning fast looming up!?

Just been watching the BBC earlier renowned for its objectivity, but now IMHO more for boring weather reports (who says climate change is a non-fact) recycling of news, and not unbiased reporting. All of which helps to make a stronger case for reducing its licence fees and income.

More importantly, Brexit seems to go from bad to much worse. Even though TM’s description still holds true today. “Brexit means Brexit” – that can’t be misunderstood even now after all this time.

However, abundantly clear to me that the UK Govt should have challenged the EU on its setting of the initial agenda, namely first divorce settlement et al, to be THEN followed by discussions on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. Quite illogical IMHO.

But then the EU has never been based on logic either with its non-sustainable monetary policy with no adjustment mechanisms to resolve imbalances based on differing growth rates of its 27/28 member countries.

What a difference a day (or a couple of days) make!
What I believe is different now though is that the EU is much more vulnerable after the Catalan crisis, its vote for independence and referendum, which could spark off similar movements elsewhere in the EU. The EU is on the horns of a genuine dilemma. How should it respond? No easy safe option here. Perhaps a move to greater flexibility by allowing Stages 1 and 2 to be discussed simultaneously to encourage a very gentle Brexit providing the UK agrees to put the final divorce settlement to a Second Referendum.

Even though I don’t have much confidence (any longer) in the UK Government, I happen to believe, rightly or wrongly that the UK could play a significant role in the constructive reform of the EU.

In the absence of such changes, maybe the EU could be confronted by movements similar to that in Catalan, in Belgium, Italy, and maybe France.

Which police forces could the EU or the respective Governments call on to restore the status quo order? If that indeed is what would be desirable.

Appreciate your comments on this.

10 Oct 2017 Brian Turner


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  1. What do others think. Did the UK make a fundamental error in allowing the EU to dictate the agenda?
    I don’t believe this mess would have occurred if there had been simultaneous discussion, rather than the illogical linear approach.

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