ODE to DJT! No sobs now, just CARPE DIEM

ODE to DJT! No sobs now, just CARPE DIEM

Humpty Dumpty had  such a great fall
And Donald Trump an even bigger FALL.!
And to cap it all. 4 years of falling in and out  with the American people.

Oh yes, ain’t stopped falling yet, but not much
further to go even for him!
Happy landings, but could still
surprise us with a nuclear fall-out

As  the very worst President in US history.
Did he follow his own recommendation and use disinfectant?
Oh, no, too smart to believe his own LIES. They saved him with  the most expensive treatment
Provided to any American. Anywhere, Anytime.
And you know what, he believes he recovered because
He is such  a perfect specimen of humanity in his own words.

So strong and powerful. This is truth stretching,
Quite ridiculous. But he doesn’t know that..yet!
But the facts in the non-Trumpian world shout for themselves
Obese, 74 years old, breathing difficulties, and
great at holding rallies.
Spreading corona to satisfy his own egoistic needs at super spread events. A genuine gourmet speciality.
Captures factual  truth much more closely

And then there are all the lies, the never ending stream of lies,  more lies, and non-facts to boot. CNN says a pathological liar. Nothing is ever his fault.
How could it ever be his fault or responsibility.

Not even the 120,000 plus deaths of US citizens from corona.
Nor the 2 million plus corona cases
Making America one of the very greatest.
Tantamount to murder or incompetence.
Take your pick. Or both, murder through incompetence
In his case it doesn’t matter.

And dear old Joe Biden wouldn’t last
More than a couple of weeks.
And then America shows its
dissatisfaction with Donald J Trump,
And overwhelmingly votes the charlatan impostor out.

And Joe Biden becomes President and starts the huge task of rebuilding the US to its former greatness?
Where oh where will DJT be?

Possibly languishing in prison for
non-payment of massive debts for loans
Borrowed from dictators abroad,
With mounting unpaid taxes still to be  disclosed.

No more than dollars 750  in 2016, and no more than
Zilch over 10 of the last 15 years.
What a guy, nothing like him ever before.

Nothing like him ever again, we hope.
God speed, and Good riddance
So America vote with your voice for Joe
Become truly great once again.
We need you to rediscover your greatness.
And finally, don’t forget to  make sure
The supreme court has more than 9 impartial  judges
Who in the worst case might just create the greatest exception Of all time and grant Trump some undeserved  mercy.

And  worst of all, acquit him of all the charges outstanding against him. Such is life.

DONE OCT 20th. Feel free to circulate far and wide!



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  1. Does Trump have a chance? Saw CNN last night who stated there is nothing he would not do to retain power! Unfortunately, I think very true. What do other users think?

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