Your support could encourage Sir Vance to ride to the rescue?

Your support could encourage Sir Vance to ride to the rescue?

There is little doubt in my mind, that the current “malaise” in UK politics represents a virtually unique opportunity for the Lib-Dems to clean up the mess that has polluted UK politics for some time now, particularly since David Cameron the architect of the Brexit catastrophe used a referendum to try and solve internal Tory party problems.
His resignation, possibly due to his awareness of the stupidity he had enacted, led to M Theresa May, famous for the original drivel of “Brexit Means Brexit” and herself initially at least a committed remainer, now arguing the will of the UK people must be respected.

But since when has a 52% vote in favour meant disregarding the votes of the remaining 48%..

There is nothing holy about a mass suicide, kamikaze movement that kills off opportunities for impoverished voters in the UK and countless unborn generations of children for decades. IMHO.

In fact, there are legal cases going on where Theresa May has publicly admitted that she knew very well that the referendum was based on falsehoods, distortions and the like. The first time the case was submitted, the judge ruled that it was “out of time”. However, an appeal was launched where the judge ruled case will be heard,  and who knows what penalties will be imposed on a PM who has publicly admitted that the referendum was loaded, and unfair. A big red bus was all it took to deceive the UK electorate, which had developed the mindset that all that had gone wrong in the UK was due to the EU, in addition to incompetent BJ with the big mouth, former foreign minister who wisely resigned and continued operating behind the scenes. with Gove aiding and abetti8ng him until they had a fall-out.

We wil try to keep you abreast of these developments to see what we can do, with or without Sir Vince. But rest assured though, we have some high profile actions and issues we will be taking up and launching in the very, very near future in some unusual ways. 

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We need your encouragement I believe with your support this could turn out to be a factor in briniging  an end to Brexit. The last lap which we are now  entering is the most important that “Great Britain” ( great is misnamed, as it also means notable,, and does not just refer to size)   has ever faced in the whole of her hitherto colourful and magnificent past history. I used to have a certain pride in being English, but that has gone now into the gutter.

Please take this issue on board, like ti and circulate as widely as you can, it as it will make a profound difference.Otherwise I will eat my chocolate hat!

Brian Turner 74-year-old geriatric activist, fighting this during his retirement.

2019 Feb 21st

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