Tough life and huge challenges – my story these last 3 to 4 months – no pride, just shame!

Tough life and huge challenges – my story these last 3 to 4 months – no pride, just shame!

Life has been pretty tough for me just as for maybe many other persons in the last 3 to 4 months.
My own fault and with no sense of pride, just shame I think my achievements could well go into the Guinness Book of Records.
I will document the process later with the strategic details, so maybe others can avoid committing the stupidities I managed with great blindness and little skill. If I could kick myself I would have done so a long time ago. But try it, it ain’t easy.

Suffice it to say through extreme gullibility on my part towards a door-to-door salesman of the very worst kind, I ended up with 2 duplicate suppliers of broadband plus TV, and also a direct subscription to a TV company called CMore, and the killer was all of these were for a “bindningsperiod of 2 years”, so extremely depressing as I had been hoping retirement would allow me to be lazy and enjoy life. But that was not to be! And it has stolen time from my preferred mission of fighting Brexit.
On that score I have every reason to believe there will be a magnificent speech from the Leader of the Lib-Dems, Sir Vance Cable. But am not at liberty to disclose anything as yet.
Some of the TV content from the broadband suppliers was also duplicated in the TV supplied from CMore.
How this happened I will document on a future occasion.
But now I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and can say I have been able to solve with some luck and the generosity of one of the broadband suppliers about 65% of the problems. Not home and dry yet but working hard on it.
Quite magnificent of them, have you ever heard of a supplier in the IT business in Sweden, saying OK we understand what has happened and are prepared to cancel our agreement with you at zero cost. People told me this is not possible, too much money at stake.

But the truth is it did happen. And later when I feel more in balance, I will reveal this, but am curious to get an understanding of who regular broadband and FB users in Sweden think which of the current major IT broadband and TV suppliers really care about their customers and would be capable of such a magnificent gesture and cancel a 2 year agreement and do what is obviously right for their customers.
Hopefully, something good could come out of this as a mini-survey on how we perceive the praxis of IT broadband and TV suppliers.And finally, does anyone know if it is correct that as consumers we have the legal right to get a copy of the customer log a company has on us. I have not yet been able to identify this, any guidance would be much appreciated.I have asked Cmore both in writing and over the phone for this, left messages for the so-called head of communications  JG at Cmore, (who does not appear to be capable of communication, maybe I am being unfair as silence is a means of communication, isn’t it) to get in touch with me regarding the customer log, as well as another unnamed individual Johan D (people don’t have names in this country)  who is connected with something called “kvalitetsutveckling” and despite explicitly stating in writing he would get in touch about 2 weeks ago has failed to do so. I believe they are just trying to tire me out. They won’t succeed.Done Sept 18th 03.11

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  1. The govt will never be so generous as to allow users doing a lot of the work to expose corporate abuse, a share of the fine. Terrible must pressurise them to see the advantages.

  2. Maybe users who spend their time on correcting corporate abuse should receive a certain percentage of the fine, which makes it more worthwhile for those who do a lot of the work. Serious suggestion!

  3. So you managed this with GDPR, everybody in Sweden should know about this, if we are going to stop abuse by large and small companies of customers. VitalLiv the cowboys from Norway have already discovered this, and cancelled their “illegal invoice” under the threat of GDPR, yes, 10% of turnover is the potential fine. Unfortunately that just disappears in tax coffers.Better alternative would be to enable users such as myself who want to see other users treated fairly could receive a portion of the 10% fine on global turnover. Could almost guarantee this would have a profoundly beneficial effect on the state of play in the market, and would certainly reduce very significantly customer abuse.

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