We have the Lib-Dem heroes now, but where have all the others gone? Far, far away! And lost their way?

The biggest problem that we are all facing is that the referendum was, to all intents and purposes, a draw.
People who should have been given a vote were denied it, and people who have nothing to do with Britain were given a vote.
But as it was just advisory,it should just have been a warning that not all people are happy. That’s all. There was no clear mandate.

I believe that after the referendum result, every move that the government has made has not been for the good of the United Kingdom. From Cameron resigning over an advisory referendum without explaining himself,  to Theresa May’s headlong rush into triggering article 50 at such a pace that she never realized she hadn’t got permission to do so .
To take Britain out of Europe on such a split vote is probably illegal, and if it isn’t, it should be. This is an emotional time for everyone. Families have become people of different nationalities .
People are being deported at the request of those least qualified to judge . Hate crimes are becoming normal.
But at sometime in the future, this government, and this opposition, will be held up as the parliament that ignored us all. gobaug current affairs content
This is the biggest issue we have faced since the end of the war.
When push comes to shove, are 60 million people unable to hold 650 people accountable? No referendum has a place in our parliament.
If mps cannot make a decision, why are they in the job?

Illegal use of a dodgy referendum? Nothing short of Criminal! What do others thinK?

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6 responses to “We have the Lib-Dem heroes now, but where have all the others gone? Far, far away! And lost their way?”

  1. How can we prove the referendum was advisory only and that taking the UK out of the EU by invoking Article 50 may have been ILLEGAL.

  2. This was powerful. And it is certainly true that the Lib-Dems are trying to chart new territory. However, the Lib-Dems only have 12 members, so it is difficult to see how they can have an impact, unless they can increase their MPs substantially by a factor of 5, and perhaps build a coalition with the labour party

  3. I believe that history will mark the Brexiters of the present Tory government as traitors because what they are doing is against the national interest. That is why Cameron had the foresight to get out before he could be implicated.
    May stood up in parliament yesterday and said things that are far away from the truth such as that the UK will not be under the ECJ after March 2019. She lives on her own little cloud saying things to try to appease the cronies that keep her in so-called power. What a sad state of affairs.

    • Geoff very true about Cameron’s foresight in getting out before being implicated. He really is the architect of the whole Brexit shambles. TM is no better in appeasing her cabinet to keep herself in power. What we need I think is a coalition to bring down the Government, wouldn’t you agree?

      • A coalition would be great if only to get away from two party politics, or should I say two party fascism. The Germans succeed with coalition governments so why not the UK too?

        • Point taken, Geoff. The Germans and the British though have a completely different mindset I believe. Could not imagine any British PM doing what Angels Merkel did when throwing the doors open and guaranteeing anyone who could make it to Germany, a place to live!

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