Windows update via Microft, why…oh…..why…….oh……. why……..? +

Most of us using Windows update have probably been confronted with a situation where there can be anything from 10 to 100 files to download and update.

And I guess most of us have been in a situation where the number of successful updates of these files is a lot less than the number of files actually downloaded.

Out of a 100 files to download and install, perhaps only 10 have been successful. Does anyone know why this is the case. I am not a technical guru but I suspect that the reason is that Microsoft is just being lazy. Could it be the case that these files should be downloaded in a specific sequence to ensure success?

Your comments are  most welcome.

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3 responses to “Windows update via Microft, why…oh…..why…….oh……. why……..? +”

  1. EB you are not alone at all. I hazard a guess that there are thousands of highly skilled people desperately hunting down the meaning of bizarre error codes from Microsoft. A very useful resource to help solve this is the “How to Geek” web site. I think a bit misnamed as Geek gives the impression of a high degree of computer literacy.It is very good for “non-Geeks” such as myself for all things related to computers, and “doubly” excellent on the thousands of “Windows problems. Let us know what happens, please!

  2. Perhaps Microsoft are becoming a little better at handling Windows Updates. However, I am very concerned that if 100 updates are recommended, maybe only 10 get installed. Why not the other 90??
    I suspect they have to be installed in sequence! If so, why don’t they present, the updates in the correct sequence for downloading and installation.

    • I have installation failures of files in the “automatic updates” almost systematically! Haven’t solved it, despite “expert technicians” efforts …can’t always get rid of them!

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